Some things are meant to be


Bollywood needs to stop making sad depressing songs yo. Fuck. Im trynna move on with my lifeee. As soon as you listen to a sad desi song, it kills you. shit.



Couples are so gross and I’m not even frontin’

update: theyre still pretty gross

Jab dekho Inturnet.
Jab dekho Facebook.
Jab dekho Tweeter.
Jab dekho YouTupe.
Kabhi internet ko saans tou lene dou, jaahil insaan.
My Mum, on my excessive use of Internet. (via aqibrehman)

OMG this is soooo accurate


I always feel like I’m meant to meet a very amazing person in the future. Or maybe that’s just the hope I try to keep alive. Right now I’m stuck with people who have the most basic minds you could ever imagine. All I want to do is spend the night outside with someone who has a complete universe within their mind. I want to travel.



I am the guy that writes your name in black marker on your Starbucks cup. I probably write around five hundred customers’ names every day. Recently, it has come to my attention that people are not always satisfied with the name I’ve written. In fact, many people say…

I would so do this !





This is the story of the worst day of my life. The time I got sun stroke.

I sent you this in my text lol. He’s so great at story telling !

Amber lol


What do you mean I don’t notice you, I notice you!!!


Aw that gif is so cute and yea I know I meant it jokingly


When you take off your hijab